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We all know tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and while some people love the holiday, I am just not one of those people. I don’t protest it or anything, it’s just not my cup of tea. After brainstorming why exactly I don’t take to the lovey dovey holiday, here are some reasons I’ve come up with:

1) I don’t like roses.

2) I don’t really like chocolates…I’d much rather have ice cream, cake, brownies or cookies.

3) I’m not really a mushy or overly romantic person.

4) I love all things birthdays, and my half birthday is February 12. I’d much rather celebrate my half birthday two days earlier.

5) I don’t look good in red.

Now that we have that out of the way, I’ve scoured the web to share some Valentine’s Day food ideas with you. You know, just in case you actually like Valentine’s Day and want to do something fun to celebrate. Not to mention, all of these things look absolutely delicious and I’d make them any day of the year. And, they’re all extremely easy to make and require minimum ingredients, so you still have time to make them before tomorrow!


Valentine M&M Samoa Blondies

Heart Shaped Pizza

Rolo Cake Mix Bars

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Strawberry Heart Oreos

Mini Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m off to buy a few baking ingredients! Happy Valentine’s Day (if you’re one of those people who enjoy it!)


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I never knew that my favorite pretzel hug treat had a real name.

Apparently they are called “Santa Buttons.”

And they’re delicious and addicting.

Oh, and they’re the easiest thing to make and are perfect to take as a a hostess gift or to have on hand in case friends stop by during the holidays.

So, here they are! Santa Buttons.

Normally I use circular pretzels, but I couldn’t find them at three stores, so I just gave up and used regular pretzels.

Three ingredients and 20 minutes later, you’ll have a tray full of Santa Buttons. You’ll thank me. Enjoy!



Hershey’s Hugs


M & Ms


Preheat oven to 225 degrees. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil. Place pretzels on the baking sheet. Place a hug in each pretzel. Place baking sheet in oven for 2-3 minutes. Remove baking sheet and press one M & M on top of each hug. Place baking sheet in freezer for 10 minutes or in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Remove Santa Buttons from baking sheet and enjoy!

And, congratulations Amanda! You won the OXO Good Cookie spatula giveaway. Please email me your address so I can mail it to you. Thank you to everyone for participating in my first giveaway!

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I’m back! Well, kind of…The good news is that the surgery went well. The bad news is that it’s going to be a long recovery. We are talking about 4 months. I know…it’s a long time. I’ll dedicate a few posts in the near future specifically to surgery and recovery, but for now, I think it’s best we focus on food.

Thanksgiving food.

I know I’m late and now everyone is focused on Christmas cookies, so if you want to stop reading here, that’s fine. I see how it is.

For everyone else, here’s what we prepared for our pre-Thanksgiving.

Turkey, obviously.

Mashed potatoes, courtesy of Jaden at Steamykitchen. These were okay…they were lacking a bit in salt, so be sure to add some when you make them.

Green beans from Cooking Light...and these were fantastic. I will definitely make these again, and they only get better on the second day. And they have bacon on them. Don’t you just love leftovers?

Stuffing, courtesy of Gina at Skinnytaste. This was my first attempt at homemade stuffing, and I think I did a pretty good job. It also has bacon in it…I’m beginning to see a pattern. But, you can always leave the bacon out you’re not a fan.

Seriously, delicious.

And, apple crisp, courtesy of Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats, for dessert. I’m a big apple crisp fan, especially in the fall. Throw some vanilla frozen yogurt on top of this and you’ll be in heaven.

So, here are the links to the recipes. Enjoy!

Mashed potatoes

Green beans


Apple crisp

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