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Good news! My leg soreness has finally started to subside. After work I went to the gym and completed the 3-2-1 treadmill workout I’ve become obsessed with and rolled out my quads and hamstrings with a foam roller. I really think the foam roller worked wonders. In fact, Julie just wrote a quick post about foam rolling. Check it our if you’re interested.

I’m finally starting to walk normally again, thank goodness!

Now, let’s make the natural transition to talking about crab. The food. I had my first experience with crab this week. Real crab. Staring at you in the face, crab. Have you ever had it?

We had a fun double date with our good friends, Matt and Maura. John and I have tried to go to Fish Bar a few times, but the wait is always very long. And, it’s a fairly expensive restaurant. So, until this week, we’ve never had the opportunity to go.

But this week we reserved a table for Fish Bar’s first Crab Boil. It came with a pretty hefty price tag, but it was all you can eat crab, vegetables, drinks and dessert 🙂 Perfect!

Good thing we had Maura there with us. She’s from Maryland and knows all about crab. I, on the other hand, needed some instruction.

We were served bowls and bowls of crab.

I enjoyed the “crab experience.” Seeing as grapes are my favorite fruit because there is no “work” involved to eat them, cracking crab to find small bites of crab meat doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with my general selection of “easy” foods. It takes a lot of work to get to the crab meat, and I don’t know that you could ever really get full off of crab. I would feel such a sense of accomplishment when I found a lump piece of crab meat (which happened about once per crab).

It was a fun activity to do with friends. If you have the chance, I would definitely recommend it.

Talking about crab takes me back to my high school graduation open house.

Ha! Check out that picture! Blast from the past!

My friend, Kaitlin, and I had a joint party at my house, and her mom made the best crab salad I have ever had. It was obviously delicious, considering seven years later I am still thinking about it. I will have to get that recipe to share with all of you!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! The week is halfway over 🙂 And, I’ve got homemade chicken noodle soup cooking in the crock pot. I didn’t follow a recipe, so here’s to hoping it turns out!


Are your favorite foods ones you “work for,” like crab, or “easy foods,” like grapes?


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Every time John and I have a date night to DMK Burger Bar, he gets so excited and chants, “DMK, DMK!” I’m not going to lie, the place really is that good. I usually join in the chant as well. And, it serves all grass-fed beef, which not only tastes a whole lot better than what you would pick up in the grocery store or eat at most restaurants, but it’s also leaner, healthier and better for the environment. I’m not a huge fan of red meat, but grass-fed beef would make me think twice about eating it. (I think I’ll write an “In the News” post about grass-fed beef soon!)

It’s always crowded when we go (they don’t take reservations) and last weekend was no different. It was about a 20 minute wait, which really wasn’t too bad. The beer list at DMK is insane. It’s all stuff I’ve never heard of and am usually intimidated by the selection of unknown choices. I wasn’t in the mood for experimentation, but John tried some sort of wheat beer (descriptive, I know) and a Tennessee Lemonade. I tried a sip of that and about fell out of my chair. I definitely would have been one and done if I had ordered one of those on my own.

After a 15 minute wait, we were seated at a “good table.” The seating here is close quarters to say the least. All of the tables are extremely close together (maybe one or two feet apart?), and there are a few long tables where you are basically sitting with random people. Well, unless you’re Mollie and John, and every time you sit at the “random table,” you happen to sit next to someone you kind of know from college and end up having to small talk your way through dinner. Ugh.

But last weekend we got our own table! Score! Granted we could tell you the main points of the conversation of the two couples next to us, but we won’t go there.

Every time I’ve been to DMK I have ordered either the Veggie Burger or the Turkey Burger. This time I ordered the Turkey Burger and a small order of Sweet Potato Fries. John had the seasonal special Guacamole Burger and a large order of Sea Salt and Black Pepper fries, and yes, he ate them all. The House Ketchup and the Lemon Tobasco Aioli are delicious…I usually alternate one my fries in each dipping sauce. They are both just so good and deserve equal attention.

Burgers were fabulous, as usual. I’m always disappointed when I only have a few bites left. I think I get attached to food if it’s really good…(I might need to look into this…)

When we got home I had a baking project ahead of me. John immersed himself in a documentary about Bobby Kennedy. Wild and crazy night! But seriously, the baking project did not disappoint. Let’s just say I licked the bowl (my favorite part of baking) and have had about 25 “bites” of the finished product. Here’s a little sneak peak to get your mouth watering…

One…(Well, these might not make your mouth water…but just wait.)

Two… (And this might not either because it’s hard to tell how much butter and sugar has been melted in here.)

Three…(And now you see what I mean.)

Recipe coming soon! Stay tuned!


What’s your favorite type of burger and what would you put on it to make it “the best burger you’ve ever had?”

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This day has been perfect so far! Not only is it BEAUTIFUL outside, but John and I got up for a great workout this morning, followed by lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. After running five miles, I was ready for some tacos!

Oh man do I have the best Mexican restaurant for you to try. Big Star Taco serves the most delicious (and cheap!) tacos in Chicago. We are talking $3 or $4 a pop…you can’t beat that! If you live in Chicago and haven’t been, GO NOW! If you don’t live in Chicago, plan a visit and GO!

Since it feels like summer out (is it seriously the middle of October?), John suggested it would be the perfect day to sit outside and enjoy the weather. My friend, Allison, and her boyfriend, Brandon, joined us. Double date 🙂

We went for an early lunch around noon because let me tell you, this place can get crowded! Last time we were here for lunch there was a 45-minute wait for two of us. If you don’t feel like waiting, you can always go to the walk-up window for your tacos and sit at a picnic table. They’ve thought of everything here!

I’ll mention that Big Star Taco has a great beer selection and drink list. Since it was only noon and we are having friends over for the Notre Dame game today, we decided to hold off on our drinking and stuck with water.

We started with chips and guacamole…I mean really, who doesn’t like this stuff? Big Star puts in quite a bit of cilantro, which I love. Adds an extra punch to it.


Then this monster was brought out to us.

Yes, you are looking at about 15 tacos on there…all for us. I had two of the Taco de Papas con Rajas: crispy potatoes, rajas chipotle, queso cotija, onion and cilantro. Potatoes in a taco? Yes…and they were tasty tasty (as Fergie would say).

And one of the Taco de Calabaza: roasted squash, fresh apples, red onion, cilantro, lime and crema. I think this must be a seasonal taco with the squash and apples.

The boys were big fans of the Taco al Pastor: marinated, spit roasted pork shoulder, grilled pineapple,grilled onion and cilantro. Even though the word “spit” is in the ingredients, don’t worry…it’s still good.

And, just in case you need a Big Star Taco fix during the week, there’s a food truck!

Have a great day! Go IRISH!

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