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I know I’m a little late getting in on The Hunger Games book series, but it’s better now than never. They are addicting!

My friend Allison loaned the the first two books to me on my Kindle, and I seriously could not put them down. I even had a dream that I was a tribute in the Hunger Games and made a pact with a friend from college that we would be allies.

I’ve discussed the books with a couple of my friends, and we are split on which “team” we are on. “Team Gale” or “Team Peeta.” I’m definitely on “Team Gale,” and am so hoping that he and Katniss end up together at the end of the series.

I’ve forced myself to wait to start the third and final book until next week so that I have some good reading material over our Thanksgiving trip to Omaha to visit John’s family.

You know what else is addicting? Sweet potato fries. I feel like sweet potatoes are a vegetable that you either love or you hate. I’m a sweet potato lover, but for some reason I haven’t had them in a while. Probably because I just stopped buying them.

But, I was in the mood for greasy fries, so I picked up a couple of sweet potatoes to make a healthy version of french fries. Trust me, these do not disappoint, and they are so easy to make.

Recipe and instructions:

Wash your spud. Slice it and throw the ends away.

Mix olive oil, salt, pepper and other seasonings (I use Mrs. Dash) in a bowl. Add the potatoes to the bowl coat them with the oil and spices.

Spread out potatoes on a baking sheet and bake at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes, flipping them over half way through.

With about 5 minutes left, add parmesan cheese and continue baking.

Serve with ketchup. Yum!



  • If you’ve read The Hunger Games, were you on “Team Gale” or “Team Peeta”? Why?
  • Are you a sweet potato lover or hater?

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