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Wow. What a weekend! The scene in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl was awesome. The city did an absolutely fantastic job hosting one of the most popular sporting events and received nothing but praise from everyone.

Way to go Indy! Even though many think of Indiana as a state filled with corn fields (and some parts of it are), the city really does come alive and definitely knows how to host big time events.

Oh, and I turned into a big Giants fan while I was there. It really would have been awful to have the Patriots win the Super Bowl in Indy. Whew!

So, there was a zipline…

In the middle of the street!

And a Super Bowl Village (picture Olympic Village from the Vancouver Olympics)…Oh, and the Olympics are only 6 months away! Can’t wait!

Anyway, in Super Bowl Village there were stages for bands, bars, food tents, heaters, hand warmers and tons of people. It was such an event!

So, downtown was hoppin’, but what would a trip to Indy be without a Butler game? A sell out crowd!

Unfortunately, Butler lost. But, the world’s largest game of knock-out took place after the game. How fun is it to break a world record?!? Well, let me tell you. It’s pretty fun.

Around 400 players! Unfortunately, we didn’t make it too far in the game, so I’m not sure who won. But it was fun nonetheless.

John and I got back to Chicago in time to watch the big game on Sunday, and what would the Super Bowl be without some appetizers? Well, it would still be the Super Bowl, but you know what I’m saying…

So, we made some nachos. Healthified.

While I was home my mom gave me the Eat This Now cookbook filled with recipes under 350 calories. We were inspired by the nachos…

Start by browning lean ground turkey. Once you’ve done that, line a baking sheet with tin foil and spread out tortilla chips. Add ground turkey, black beans (or black bean dip) and cheese.

Bake at 425 for about 5 minutes, or until cheese has melted.

Remove and add salsa and avocados (or guacamole).

Yum. And, John even said, “These are as good as a restaurant.” Woo! Success!

Nachos Healthified

Inspired by Eat This Now


Tortilla chips

Lean ground turkey

Shredded Mexican blend cheese

Black beans


Avocado or guacamole


Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Brown the ground turkey over medium heat.

Line baking sheet with tin foil and spread out tortilla chips. Top tortilla chips with ground turkey, cheese and black beans. Bake for about 5 minutes.

Remove from oven and top with salsa and guacamole or avocados.


Question: What’s your favorite Super Bowl snack? Leave a comment…

And I’m taking video of my physical therapy session tomorrow, so stay tuned so see what I’m up to as I recover from hip surgery!


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Back Home Again, In Indiana

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but this week flew by for me! I love when that happens!

Last weekend I returned home for the first time in months. Much needed girl time with my mom 🙂

One of my favorite things to do during my visits home is to eat lunch at our house. Exciting, right?!? Don’t get me wrong, I love going out to dinner and occasionally out to lunch, but there is something about eating lunch at home that makes me feel so relaxed.

I give you…

my standard lunch at home. Turkey on a whole wheat sandwich thin with spinach, cucumbers, colby jack cheese and miracle whip. Plain and simple, and oh so tasty.

Delicious red grapes. My favorite fruit for their simplicity. And, my mom taught me a great trick while I was home. Frozen grapes. Oh man, they are good! In fact, I had already taken my first bite of ice cream for dessert. Then, my mom pulled out frozen grapes. I tried one and put the ice cream back. Yes, frozen grapes for dessert. Unprecedented for me! So, that tells you something.

My visits at home are “relaxing busy.” Meaning, we are usually on-the-go, but with fun activities, like the Holiday Mart. Every holiday season, the Indianapolis Junior League puts on the Holiday Mart. I have only been a time or two and forgot what it was like. What a sight.

There are hundreds of booths filled with everything you can imagine. Food, clothing, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, holiday decorations, and more. It’s kind of overwhelming, so going in with a strategy is a must.

We purchased a few dip mixes from A Spice Above. The samples, oh the samples! The Stuffed Artichoke was my favorite 🙂

Hats, anyone?

Or watches?

We also picked up some soup mixes from Cherchies Specialty Foods. I’m excited to have these post surgery for easy meals. I sampled the Mexican Tortilla and bought two bags. Delish!

And, I was lucky enough to go to the Colts game again on Sunday 😉 Such a depressing season, but at least Notre Dame won.

Also, I’m starting to plan our Thanksgiving menu that we are hosting for my family next weekend! Our first holiday as a married couple and as hosts!


What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes? If you’ve hosted a holiday before, do you have any advice?

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Welcome to Nashville!

I love country music. John does not. Luckily, his brother and sister-in-law moved to Nashville a few months ago, so we planned a trip to visit them. My sister, Sallie, and her boyfriend traveled from Dallas to join in on the fun.

And fun it was!

We started Saturday morning with a two hour hike. We had a bit of trouble finding our car, but with this scenery, I could have stayed outside all day.

I’d never heard of “Tebowing” until this trip, but apparently it’s all the rage. Emily and Joe showed us how it’s done.

On our hike, I found a giant leaf and some pretty little berries.

And my dream home. Yes, I’d like that.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the delicious BBQ we had for lunch from Corky’s.

Or the mouth-watering margarita pizza from Cabana. And, I have to add, there was wine on sale at dinner. I love sales and rarely buy anything full price, but I had never heard of having wine on sale at a restaurant. This was definitely one of the most exciting parts of the trip! Sallie and I split a bottle at dinner, and well, let’s just say it got our evening off to a great start 🙂

We made our way to a few honky tonks downtown and rode in style on our way back home at the end of the night. In a limo. Yes, that’s right. For $5 a person a limo took us home. Let me say, you don’t find that in Chicago, so it was five points for Nashville.

On Sunday we went to the Titans vs. Colts game. When we planned the trip, we thought the Colts would be good. Turns out, they’re not. So it wasn’t the most exciting game to watch, but we had a good time being outside on a beautiful day.

It was a weekend of BBQ, pizza and Chinese food, so I’m trying to fill my meals this week with lots of veggies and protein with fewer desserts than usual. I’m hoping to stay on this track until the holidays. And then, surgery on November 30. It’s creeping up on me!


What’s your take on country music? Love it or hate it?

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