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A few months ago, John and I tried to watch the first couple of episodes of “Up All Night.” Everyone we talked to thought the show was hilarious, but we just couldn’t get into it.


Then, last week, John casually mentioned he had an “Up All Night” marathon one evening because there was nothing else to watch. And, that not only does he like the show, but that the couple reminds him of us!

What?? How could this show be funny after we agreed it wasn’t funny a few months ago?!?

So, I sat down with him to watch a couple of episodes the other night just to see what made him suddenly change his mind.

And, then it hit me. I’m Reagan.

At least I’m Reagan in the episode “Week Off.” I tell you it was like watching myself on TV.

Please watch this clip to see what I’m talking about. (I couldn’t get it to embed into the post, sorry.)

I’m not saying we fight about laundry…but let’s just set the scene. A few weekends ago, I wasn’t feeling too well. Any normal person would have spent the weekend sleeping and relaxing with a warm cup of soup. Not me, I “rocked this house,” like Reagan. I went to the container store and reorganized our pantry cabinets, front closet and guest bedroom closet.

Three straight days of organizing.

This is not normal. Although, in my defense, I think it did make me feel better.

But, what is it about organizing that makes me feel better? And, why do things have to be organized? Chris (in the show) makes a good point…were things so bad before? Well, our pantry cabinets had things falling out of them when you opened the door, so in my case, yes, things were so bad.

But, that’s not always the case. It’s clearly a control thing. I’ll admit it. At least I know I’m not the only crazy person in the world.

And, to make myself feel less crazy, I’m going to start watching “Up All Night” regularly so I have someone to relate to.

So, I ask you…do you ever see yourself as a character on TV? I’ve only seen a few episodes of “Up All Night,” but I definitely see similarities to Reagan. But, I see even more similarities to Claire Dunphy on “Modern Family.” But, that’s for another psycho-analytical post.


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